Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Power Pizza

It seems we haven't posted anything in a while, and well, its because we haven't. Raf Gaytown moved to San Diego to start his independence. Alberto Yong is in North Carolina going to NCSA. And Gabe M. is, well, hes Gabe M. and has only managed to get a draft on this thing but has never published anything. But Ryan_Kanyay and I are going to do the best we can to start this thing back up to its next glory days. Anyways, on with the show. Power Pizza.

Aparently, blatant slogans that don't rhyme but are cheesy, no pun intended, is in. But I wasn't really feeling the power so to speak. I'm going to go ahead and break this review into parts now.


No lies in this review. This place isn't classy at all. Its sort of a dump. But in our FOTWT experience, the places that don't look so good, turn out to be the best places to go for food. To give a little bit of description, theres a few small metal tables and chairs outside as well as inside. Theres a counter right as you walk in to order and than as long as no one is there you can sit down at one of the few tables, the main one being right in the middle where the most people can sit down, which is four. Other than that, theres a soda fountain at the end of the counter and thats about it.

5 Power Nine out of 9 Power Nine.
Don't look up what that means. You'll have blackmail material on two of the three current FOTWT members. I'm not telling you the other, but he hasn't published anything on this blog.



Pizza. There is pizza everywhere, so to be respectable to FOTWT we're looking at value, not price. The difference being price is just how much it cost, value is it tasting more expensive than it does. Ya, thanks Gary Vaynerchuk and Jim Cramer.

Thankfully the pizza has good value for a good price. It was around 20 bucks after tip for four people to have a pizza, garlic rolls, and drinks. Thats really good for a pizza place in my opinion. The pizza is really crispy but not cardboard or burnt. Its nice and thin, which to me, helps. It also has the right amount of cheese and marinara sauce with just the right size on the crust. in essence, its almost a perfect pizza. the only thing from really keeping it from being perfect is that its not free, but thats about it.

8 Power Nine out of 9 Power Nine on taste.
8 Power Nine out of 9 Power Nine on value/price/availabilty.

Overall, Power Pizza is a really good pizza place that is on par with all the others. There is one thing that makes it go above and beyond all the others though. It closes at midnight. Trump.

7 Power Nine out of 9 Power Nine.

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